Bone Thugs Bring Out Cleveland Folk Hero Charles Ramsey During A Show

07.31.13 4 years ago

Talk Show Host Rock Newman interviews Charles Ramsey about his heroic effort to free three women held against their will by Ariel Castro.

Cleveland legend Charles Ramsey would appear to have fallen on some hard times. What better way to uplift a man who uplifted his community than through a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony shout-out? In a recent tour stop in Milwaukee, the Thugs call out for Mr. Ramsey, having him join them on stage.

This king gesture brings about some questions. What was Ramsey doing in Wisconsin, anyways? Does he hang out with Bone Thugs a lot? When they hang out, what do they talk about? Cleveland things? Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

Er, don’t mind me. I’ll just quietly ponder these things as I listen to “Everything 100” and hope for a new Bone album.


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