Brandon Spikes Versus Twitter Massholes

04.09.14 3 years ago 53 Comments


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Newly-minted Buffalo Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes is spending his offseason living the dream, calling out Ray Rice and yelling about “MassHoles” on Twitter.

As you might recall, back in January the Grumblelord placed Spikes on the IR for missing a team meeting during the playoff bye week. Fast-forward to today and Spikes is letting the whole world know how he feels about his time in New England.

Okay, sure. Normal “I’ve left the team” smacktalk.

Not three loses? They could face each other in the pla… AHAHAHAHAHA. Nearly got through that one with a straight face.

This has suddenly become very personal.

Very personal.

Now, I’m not one to tell someone else what they should or should not do with their social media accounts, but blocking an entire state seems rather time consuming, even for the offseason.


And there you have it. Love a player, lose a player, hate a player like he stabbed your grandmother, say something awful to him on social media; the Masshole circle of life. Hakuna matata “circle of life” or whatever it is they say in THE LION KING about dealing with asshats.

EDIT: Yeah, it’s getting worse out there in the Twitter streets. Spikes is in for a tough day/offseason.

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