Here’s The Awesome Way A Brazilian Deaf, Blind Kid Is “Watching” The World Cup

06.23.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

Prepare your feels, friend. Things got sappy in Brazil last week, when a man, Helio Fonseca de Araújo, went above and beyond to ensure that his buddy, Carlos, could enjoy the Brazil/Croatia opening match of the World Cup. If this were a normal scenario, that would include providing a large TV and some refreshments. Nothing too crazy.

But Carlos suffers from Usher syndrome, a genetic disorder that has left him without the ability to see or hear. Participating in the viewing of a soccer match required a little something extra. And Helio, a sign language instructor, provided just that, crafting a makeshift table-top soccer pitch over which his hands would mimic the actions of Neymar, Jr. and the rest of the Brazilian national team.

Helio’s decision to give his friend such an incredible gift, in words? “I woke up in the morning with an urge to call my friend Carlos to watch the opening World Cup, but need some adaptations to make him understand better!” he notes in the above 12-minute video. It’s definitely the kind that’ll have the hardest in the audience fighting the dreaded sugar lump, so don’t go into it if you’re trying to maintain composure.

Gotta love the World Cup.

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