Buddy Ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Kids On The Block”

02.10.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Buddy - Idle Time

For a hot minute, Buddy seemed like a mirage. The Cali-based rapper would pop up on the scene, drop a really sharp video or song (see: “Awesome Awesome” and “Them Draws” for proof), then we wouldn’t hear from him for weeks, sometimes months. All we knew was that Pharrell had taken him under his wings and Buddy was Star Trek’s next big thing.

But, we waited on his project, aptly titled Idle Time, and waited before finally realizing that nothing was happening. We all now know where Pharrell’s musical travels led him in the interim, but where was other Compton rapper who was set to be a big thing.

As it turns out, Buddy’s still cool with Star Trek but realized being unsigned might not be the best move for him. Shackles and dead weight removed, he’s gearing up to finally release his project and the first offering is a righteous one titled “Kids On The Block.” Over rich production by Polyester, Buddy tag teams with Freddie Gibbs to simultaneously floss and spits morsels of game to young bucks holding own street corners. It’s the kind of welcome back track that will remind you why Buddy and his nimble flow were missed in the first place.

Idle Time‘s slated for a February 25th release. See, now we’re getting somewhere.

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