In Pursuit Of The Perfect Reclusive Audio Dope: Da Buze Brovaz

03.18.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Words By Preezy Da Kid | @PreezyDaKid

Remember the days when music, especially rap, wasn’t so accessible? While it’s convenient to have the the power to access music from all over the universe with a simple left-click, there’s something nostalgic about hearing a dope song or album out of the blue and not being able to find said music by traditional means. No retail release. No video on MTV or BET. Hell, not even a writeup in your favorite underground mag which is usually great at covering things like that. Sometimes, you may not even know the name of the songs or who produced them. But what you do know is that it’s some of the best music you’ve ever heard.

Yesterday, I had that experience. The homie MarQ Spekt (a talented artist in his own right), he put me on to some cats out of Philly called Da Buze Bruvaz whom he’s currently working with and I must say, I was instantly impressed. The pair, who happen to be real-life blood brothers, are both strong in the lyrical departments and have that charismatic street steeze down to a tee. Clev One is a bully on the mic in the mold of a Sean Price, while Him Lo is the smooth, hustling assassin. It’s also apparent that they are very down with the “Lo-Life Lifestyle,” as the famed horse logo is prominently displayed in their imagery.

I asked the usual questions that you do about artists you’re not up on. To my surprise, I was told that they didn’t have a Twitter account, Facebook or any social media presence for that matter. Shit, they didn’t even have any full-length projects available on the ‘net, which is extremely rare nowadays. The only reason I was blessed with the few Youtube vids I saw was because a friend of the group decided to post them and spread the word. They were happy to just make music for themselves and for their neighborhood to enjoy, not entrapped by the need to “be available” to achieve recognition.

These dudes were virtually non-accessible to me in a world where everything is accessible. And I loved it. Even though I was a tad bit disappointed I would have to wait a while until my next fix, one thing is for certain: I’ll be damned if I don’t get another hit before it’s over and done.

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