Nicki Minaj Hops In Bed With Diddy

04.15.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Sean Combs is like a summertime wedgie.

He’s attracted to heat and he’ll cause a stink in your arse if you allow him to linger there long enough. Always looking to leech market the next big thing, our beloved Diddy is now the proud caretaker of the career of a one Nicki Minaj. That’s right! After firing Waka Flacka’s mother, Barbie was in dire need of a manager and Sean John said “ohleedouittt!

Well it kind of went like that. See, Nicki wanted to utilize the services of Troy Carter, the brainchild behind Lady Gaga’s success. But apparently two ovaries can’t occupy the same space at the same time. It’s against the laws of physics. Lady Gaga got catty and threatened to “John Blaze” T. Dot Carter if he brought her into the fold.

According to our source, Minaj subsequently went on to seek management from Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager. Although some websites claim to have confirmed that Carter is co-managing Minaj with Diddy, our source says it isn’t the case and that Gaga pumped the breaks on the deal, threatening to find another manager if Carter took on Minaj as well. When that happened, Carter stepped back and Diddy stepped in, asking one of his own managers, James Cruz, to co-manage Minaj with him instead. [Via]

Sensing opportunity like roofie to martini, Diddy slide in his way into the picture and Nicki hops off the plane with Dwayne to get on the train with Hussein.


Yes, Diddy drops bombs. Lots of shiny-suited, Cîroc scented duds. With Diddy, there will be lots of hype; extravagant cornmeal plastered through the television, only to result in his celebrity revitalizing itself for another decade and the original attraction shown the back door. When he shimmies on stage to “Special Delivery,” do you think the crowd screams for G-Dep? Red Cafe was the hottest in the hood for like a week. Who? Ask Loon if he needs a girl and he’ll mostly likely request a check instead. And well, Shyne...yeah, the name says it all. Nicki’s booty looks built to survive this malarkey but those colored wigs will come in handy to hide the color of gray she earned from being a baaaaad girllllll.

Oh, and apparently that “O Let’s Do It (Remix)” video shoot must have been a blast. Diddy now co-manages Rick Ross as well.

Diddy Reportedly New Manager Of Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross [Billboard]

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