50 Cent Attempts To Recapture The Magic With “The Big 10” Mixtape

12.10.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Give or take a few months, it was about this time a decade ago a movement was brewing in Hip-Hop that effectively changed the way we hear music, embrace music and perceive success. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson changed the scope of rap music in the 2000’s in ways both beneficial to the genre and detrimental all at once. And throughout it all, he’s always been one who has taken credit for everything he’s inflicted upon the music which turned him richer those Southside Jamacia, Queens, street corners ever could have. Nearly every beginning starts humble. Such is definitely the case in rap music is cultivated in some of the toughest environments known to America, places where dreams stay just that and reality and nightmares run side by side. Fif’s 50 Cent Is The Future was a release which helped usher in the G-Unit takeover and put the bug in the industry’s ear this Queens loose cannon wasn’t just the regular fly-by-night rapper.

Well, the next 10 years saw Curtis go from the highest of hip hop highs, the wildest of rap controversies to seeing his music become an afterthought in many circles. A hustler’s mentality never understands the word stop, so with that in mind, 2011’s The Big 10 mixtape pays homage to the previous handful of years with new music. The project won’t have the same impact as its predecessor. It’s impossible for it to mainly because there’s no way 50 could ever go back to that point in his life where making making music came this natural.

Regardless of whether or not this serves as straight weed plate and recycle bin material, Curtis had a damn good run. You can’t take that from him.

Bonus: For those not in the tri-state area, Mister Cee put together an hour long tribute to 50 and G-Unit’s run through the last decade in the mixtape game. Talk about memories. This took me all the way back to high school. Stream and download included below.

DownloadMister Cee’s 50 Cent 10 Year Mix

Download50 Cent – The Big 10 | Alt. Link

Respect: ThisIs50

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