Terrace Martin – Thoughts From Detention EP x “Do It Again” Video

12.06.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Seeing as I haven’t heard Terrace Martin’s free EP Thoughts From Detention yet, I’m not really quite sure what mindset that musing has produced. But, back when young BEWARE used to rock the dunce cap, my train of thought typically consisted of either graphically-detailed spite, or plans to let trouble ensue as soon as I smelled freedom. But, with Terrace, I have a feeling his mind’s probably running circles around big-butt beauties and cranking out hits from the lab. That, or plotting revenge on the bastard principal who made a grown-ass man sit in a high school detention hall.

Actually, you know what? Instead of making up concepts for joke’s sake, let’s just download, listen and find out.

As a bonus, to help trip you out during your daily routine, below you’ll find the hazy new video to Terrace’s cool connection with Kendrick and Wiz, “Do It Again” from his Locke High 2 mixtape.

DownloadTerrace Martin – Thoughts From Detention EP | Alt. Link

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