Eagles-Saints Live Blog, First Half

11.05.12 5 years ago 733 Comments

A Monday night game between two sub .500 teams that is mostly of interest to the football world inasmuch as it presents the opportunity for Michael Vick to be benched if he struggles against New Orleans’ historically putrid defense. I think that’s a good matchup to ignore in favor of reminiscing over “F*ck Da Eagles” Heather, the Saints fan who captured the imaginations of millions of lovers of vulgarity and exposed midriffs everywhere when she was spotted on TV during the Saints-Eagles divisional playoff game in 2006. Hopefully the years have treated her well and she hasn’t gotten creepy skinny from drug dependency or pushed out a bunch of kids.

Aww, that was the first year of KSK’s existence. It seems so long ago. It makes me think of all the time that has gone by. Then again: tits.

Anyway, back to this game. A best-case scenario would be a game that suits the Saints: a high-scoring affair where defense is only sort of vaguely present, showing itself only when there is a tipped pass to catch. Last week, Vick managed to go the entire game without committing a turnover for only the second time this season, but the Eagles were still defeated decisively by the Falcons. The Saints got demolished on the road in Denver and in the last few days have had to hear about how their suspended head coach very well might be departing elsewhere after this season.

It’s pretty messy all around. Tonight’s loser gets to have their season pronounced over while the winner gets to maintain the illusion of progress and stability for a few days. Should be fun.

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