Coming Attractions: The Ewing 33 Hi ‘St. Patrick’s Day’

03.07.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

Words By Retro Boogie

Nike’s being hush hush about a potential St. Patrick’s Day pack so guess what? Ewing Brand is picking up the slack. The newest Ewing 33 Hi ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ isn’t very subtle. All green everything is the theme with just enough touches of orange to not look like the flag of Ireland got sewn into a bigass hi top.

The suede and quality look top notch, keeping on par with previous releases so no big surprise there. Best part of the shoe is probably also the smallest detail. The half white half orange signature is the cherry on top for some kicks anyone in the New England area will go ape shit for, regardless of the fact that Ewing spent the glory days of his career in New York. To each their own.

While your friends and fam might go to Party City for cheesy St. Patrick’s Day colored party favors, ruin their favorite drinking holiday with a pair of these Ewings. Could we get a Jamaican inspired pair though?

The Ewing 33 hi ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ drops March 12th as an in-store only release. Find a list of authorized retailers here.

Ewing 33 High St Patrick's Day 2

Ewing 33 High St Patrick's Day 5

Ewing 33 High St Patrick's Day 4

Ewing 33 High St Patrick's Day 3

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