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10.24.13 4 years ago 33 Comments


Logan Ryan’s celebratory dick-grabbing against the Jets has predictably cost him some money. $10,000, to be precise. Take that, NFL player. You may have the money and the glory but I get to grip on my junk for free. Advantage: … well, still him, probably.

— Add to the list of things Vince Young fails to understand: why no team is presently employing him. Though Favre getting a call and not him is pretty rough.

– Speaking of, this was a graphic on ESPN today. You’re gone too Favre this time, Worldwide Leader.


— Ben Roethlisberger says being a receiver in the WildBen formation is exhausting. I think he’s just giving Todd Haley grief. Ben’s a fat dude, but he runs like 30 yards in the pocket during every pass attempt. He can handle a little light jogging for a play or two. “THE BEN NO LIKE BE FAKE CATCH MAN. THE BEN BORN TO BE PEW MAN! PEW PEW PEW!”

— Richard Sherman admitted he hid a concussion from coaches last season and it ended up benefiting his career. Hope he makes a lot of money in that career, because you ain’t getting nothing if you try suing the league after you’re done.

— Shannon Sharpe won $1,200 playing the lottery. Think you could get some diction lessons with that kind of scratch.

— The awful Vikings/Giants MNF game had a higher rating than Game 1 of the World Series. Haha, suck it, baseball.

— Cowboys-Jaguars, Lions-Falcons and Dolphins-Raiders are the three London games next season. So that assures all those teams will be horrible next year. Apologies to Falcons fans who assumed their team would bounce back after a disappointing 2013.

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