02.27.12 6 years ago

After reading of Scooby’s death, a friend from outside Nashville asked why the 101 The Beat DJ’s passing affected so many. The best way I could explain it was to say, “His death may rank up there alongside Steve McNair’s in terms of how widespread his presence was throughout the city and especially in the urban music community.” As farfetched as the statement sounds (and no disrespect to Air McNair), considering that we heard Scooby’s voice daily since 2001 and partied with him many times along the course of those 10+ years, he felt like family. When a person whose life is lived in the public eye dies, their influence can’t always but captured in a few apt words or sentences.

However, all of the assembled artists not only did Scooby but the whole city of Nashville proud with their tribute to the fallen radio DJ, titled “#ForeverScooby.” Each rapper – Quannie Cash, Starlito, Young Buck, The City Paper and Stix Izza – speaks in verse what Scooby’s life and work meant to them while the angels – portrayed here by Rio, Robin Raynelle and Camrin W – sing the chorus and ad-libs to fill in Fate’s beat, making a joyful noise to the Lord for giving us Scooby for so many high-filled years and for a man’s whose legacy will last for many more years to come.

Fate Eastwood, Quannie Cash, Starlito, Young Buck, The City Paper, Robin Raynelle, Rio, Camrin W and Stix Izza – “#ForeverScooby” (Prod. By Fate Eastwood)

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