Gangsta Boo Barks What I’ve Been Waiting To Hear: “F*** Juicy. Yep. I Said It”

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11.20.13 47 Comments

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Safe to say the 6ix Commandments mixtape caused the levees to break within the Three 6 Mafia camp.

As a fan of rap and resident of Tennessee, the whole rebirth, as a group and the reemergence of individual members, was a situation I’ve kept a casual eye on, which was noted the other day. I won’t waste time diggin’ up old links or Googling interviews but over the past year-plus, the key group members have shifted from well wishes towards each other to being vague and, finally, Gangsta Boo saying what had been bubbling hot right beneath the surface.

To be fair, the group’s always had a caustic relationship. Members would come and go, sometimes by choice while others left on a bitter note. One would go to jail, another would go to Jesus. From Hypnotized Minds to Headbussas and more. All kinds of shit to the point where DJ Paul and Juicy J were the last ones standing. Now, everyone’s reunited and the vibes are good as evidenced by their well received new project (download it here).

Everybody that is except the Juiceman – and brother Pat – but why exactly should he? From the outside looking in, he’s moved on and found a plush new home with Wiz. People often point to 2 Chainz as great example of artistic rebirth, but I think Juicy’s the one who has really rejuvenated himself best. When whatever caused him and Paul to start recording solo efforts, he kept going, found success and ran towards it without anyone backing his play. The native Memphis man has used multiple cat lives and still looks like he has more to go. Knowing that, why should he look back or feel obligated to record with or even cosign Da Mafia 6ix?

Guess we’ll see how the story continues to unfold. Whatever comes next, I’m glad the breaking point’s been met so they can argue it out, make amends and (hopefully) one day come back together as the old Triple 6. But first, they’ve gotta destroy in order to rebuild.

Also, do note that Yo Gotti got at Juice via Twitter a few days ago, too. That’s for anyone keeping score on what’s going on with Memphis rappers.

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