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06.09.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

Here’s How Easy It Is To Fake A Meme Breakup [Daily Dot]

Shooter Charged In Death Of Twista’s Bodyguard [The Urban Daily]

History Behind The Number 45 On The Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” 2015 Retro [TSG]

Royals Ball Boy Accidentally Fields Fair Ball, Refuses to Go Near Next Foul Ball [BR]

Your Favorite ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Stars In Civilian Clothes [HHW]

20 Great Moments of DJ Khaled Being DJ Khaled [Complex]

Nike SB ‘Brotherhood Of The Feet’ Exhibition [size?]

‘Old Man Game’ Is Real, & It’s All Over The NBA Finals [SB Nation]

Pharrell Receives The Key To The City From Virginia Beach [Vibe]

Red Button Flaw Exposes Major Vulnerability In Millions Of Smart TVs [Forbes]

The 21 Best Coffee Shops In America [Thrillist]

Bible Verses That Atheists Love [Alternet]

Bodies Built For Soccer [WSJ]

Who Invented Autocorrect? [NYT]

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