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11.29.12 5 years ago 37 Comments

In the most unfortunate bit of team outreach to fans since the Browns created, then abruptly pulled back, white flags for fans to wave last week, the Jaguars have released their own take-off of the Terrible Towel and have called it the Jag Rag. Seriously, why does Jacksonville need another fan accessory? The already have one of the best. THEY HAVE THE BAGUARS!

Lots of NFL teams have come out with their own version of the towel. Typically, though, that happens in advance of a game in which they are hosting the Steelers. The idea is to counteract all the bandwagon yinzer infesting their stadium. The Jaguars do not need such an occasion. They figured doing it in just before a Week 13 game on the road in Buffalo was good enough timing for them.

KSK’s favorite own-team-loathing Jaguars fan, BurritoBrosShits, already seems excited.

— Ryan Tannehill was not aware that the Patriots could clinch the AFC East title this weekend. Possibly because he thought they were in the NFC South.

— Yes, it’s a parody of a Taylor Swift song about Andy Reid. While the concept sounds horrible, in execution it’s actually quite decent. Quite the contrary for things usually involving Andy.

— Speaking of the Iggles, in the five games since Todd Bowles took over their defense, opposing quarterbacks have a 139.9 passer rating, 75.2 completion percentage and have thrown 13 touchdown passes with no interceptions. Hearty guffaws all around, but especially from wherever Juan Castillo is.

— The decrepit 1991 Mazda 626 that Alfred Morris has famously been driving to Redskins headquarters this season is breaking down on him, so he had to bum a ride off a woman who lives at his apartment complex this week. SHOULD’VE BEEN MORE OF A GLOREEEE BOYYYY!

— Denver has submitted a bid to host a Super Bowl between 2018-2020. Begin the countdown to sportwriters complaining that they won’t be able to breathe in the high altitude. And what of Ryan Clark? What if his team makes it!? Because no doubt he’ll still be productive at the age of 39.

— Other than an apology from the Browns, it appears that no action has been taken by the team or the league against rookie linebacker Tank Carder for his homophobic tweets from last week. Because apparently Larry Johnson can only be punished for that. Though hopefully justice will reign and Chris Kluwe gets to punt him in the balls.

— The NFL has been referring fans who were banned from stadia for untoward behavior to an anger management course run by a therapist with faulty credentials who has also plagiarized much of the materials for the course from the likes of NIH, among other sources. That said, at least it hasn’t been run by Jim Harbaugh.

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