While On His Break, Jesus Made An Appearance At Kanye’s Concert

10.21.13 4 years ago 56 Comments

Jesus Christ of Nazareth stopped by Kanye’s show to kick it with the lil’ homie a bit before going back to doing the whole Son of God thing.

Saturday was day one of Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ tour and Seattle fans got themselves a special treat when a man dressed as part Lamb of God and part hipster popped up real quick for a cameo during Ye’s performance of “Jesus Walks.” Draped in Jesus-y threads, the actor spoke “I didn’t come here to make bad people feel good. I came here to make dead people alive.” And some other stuff before walking away. Oooooh, chilling.

Mocking Christianity has been done so many times that’s it’s a bit “meh” at this point. If you’re really trying to step your edginess game up, bring out Buddha. Or better yet, bring out a random guy and say “This is Allah!” and then we’ll know it’s real.

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