KLEARINGHOUSE: Chip Kelly — Holy Diver

08.20.14 3 years ago 60 Comments

Chip Kelly dove into a pool of ice water as part of the Eagles doing the ALS ice bucket thing. Sorry, that’s not a bucket. Awareness has not been raised. I am less aware than I was before. Nice dive, though.

— Former linebacker Tim Shaw announced that he has ALS. So it’s not just for Steve Gleason that this is all happening for.

— Browns beat writer tries to pinpoint the moment Johnny Manziel lost the starting job and won’t you know it, it’s before any actual football was played.

— Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert: recipient of a six-year, $30.8 million extension. With Maurkice Pouncey having received an extension earlier this off-season, Pittsburgh has locked down the core of their middling-to-crappy offensive line for years.

— Santonio Holmes’ one-year deal with the Bears is for the veteran minimum. Don’t worry, the contract is loaded with Internet dong pic incentives.

— Mike Ditka said the debate on the offensiveness of the Redskins name is the doing of “political correct idiots”.

— In 2006, referee Mike Carey was granted his request by the NFL to no longer work Redskins games because he considered the name disrespectful.

— Thanks, that’s been your daily Redskins name debate GOTTA HEAR BOTH SIDES minute.

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