Lust Ya Blue!

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The last team to be defeated by the Chiefs in the playoffs, the 1993 Houston Oilers, allegedly had two openly gay players on the team, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

“Listen, those guys that we’re talking about were unbelievable teammates. And if you wanted to go to war with someone, you would get those guys first. Because I have never seen tougher guys than those guys,” said Pro Bowl linebacker Lamar Lathon, who starred at the University of Houston. “And everybody in the locker room, the consensus knew or had an idea that things were not exactly right. But guess what? When they strapped the pads on and got on the field, man, we were going to war with these guys because they were unbelievable.”

warren on wheel

dat moustache tho

Echoed by Tecmo Super Bowl’s under appreciated weapon, Cris Dishman:

“Everybody knew certain guys (were gay). Everybody speculated and people used to see these two guys come in by themselves. They’d leave at lunchtime and then come back,” Cris Dishman said.
Dishman, a two-time Pro Bowler echoed Lathon’s thoughts, saying the gay players were highly valued on the field and showering with them in the locker room was “no big deal.”

This showering issue seems to always be the keystone talking point on the gay athlete topic. Listen, if Charles Haley is going to spend his time in the locker room trying to win the five-fingered race AT people and we’re going to praise his abilities on the field trumping any back room antics, then it’s probably fine that guys who like guys can shower around guys. Stop treating the hypothetical gay athlete like he’s a depraved character on OZ. It’s also important to keep in mind that football players have been showering with gay football players forever, and they controlled their boners this long, why do you think coming out is going to turn shower time into an ancient Greek orgy?

Also, this story would be better if the couple were Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride.

Also ALSO, when all the major sports are cool with gay athletes it’s going to be pretty great to see the NHL’s gay v. straight all star game, considering how they love to experiment with that thing.

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