Maino Punks Trinidad Jame$ On The Phone?

11.20.13 4 years ago 37 Comments


Not hardly. Trinidad Jame$ didn’t get a chance to get too many words in while Maino was jabbering.

Anyway, if you care enough to care anymore, these two got on a phone call together yesterday to clear the air and get to “a better place.” For all of the talking he does here – and at times, sort of contradicts himself (or confuses the shit out of me), the points he’s making about “no fly zones,” T. Jame$’ self-inflicted damage, etc. are dead-on.

Anyway, the alleged phone call audio* and Trinidad’s version of “The Truth,” no YN, both below.

I’m going to walk away leaving two questions.

1. Would Maino have been so quick to get on the phone with any other rapper besides Jame$?

2. How much more clarifying will Trinidad do before he realizes that A.) nobody twisted his words and B.) trying to explain away his initial statements is just continuing to aggravate the situation?

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Cred: NR

* — How am I to know that Maino didn’t doctor the audio to make himself sound like he was checkin’ son? For all I know, there’s some lost minutes where TJ was going ballistic with his responses.

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