Marvel vs. DC: Who Slipped Swear Words Into Comics Better?

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If you liked DC’s exploding Batman F-bomb, prepare to be dazzled.  Two more comic artists have slipped a vulgar Easter egg into their work, and the Marvel one made it to print.  The DC one is rather tame: somebody slipped a hidden “STFU” into the preview of the JLA #50 cover.  The preview version and published cover are in the gallery below.

My personal favorite, however, is the Marvel comic pictured to the right, discovered by AFC.  It’s from New Mutants #17 written by Zeb Wells. AFC noticed the characters were talking in some other language for a few panels, then realized the language was just a substitution cipher that could easily be cracked with frequency analysis:

In a panel where Magik first meets up with her one of her horde commanders, this exchange takes place: See that guy’s balls? Yeah…they were weird. As she returns to Cannonball, she addresses him with this one: Hey, d*ck-breath. While valiantly riding off on her armored steed, she exclaims: Pork Chop! Right before Witchfire is dragged out, Cypher can be seen walking Illyana’s three little red limbopuppies and he says: F**k nuts! [AFC]

Hell yes. THAT’S how you sneak swear words into a comic.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I must ride my armored steed to the nearest comics emporium.  Pork chop!

[via BleedingCool and AFC]

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