Mayweather Vs. Cotto: 10 Points To Watch

05.05.12 5 years ago 25 Comments

Words By Jason H., Raj

It’s a daunting task to enter the ring with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr.. But if anyone stands a chance of coming out with the belt, it’s Miguel Cotto. His thumping body shots are the perfect complement to Floyd’s iron defense. Cotto’s not looking to just survive; h’ed rather do some serious damage. Mayweather’s attempting to shoot his ego into stratosphere while preserving his untarnished record. Of course, only one boxer can win and here are 10 important points towards determining the victor.

1. Mayweather Vs. Cotto Will Disappoint

Albeit a decent matchup, this is still not Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao and most fight fans would root for Floyd’s undefeated streak to remain unblemished for Manny.

2. Mayweather’s Mind Games Have Already Begun

When you fight Money Mayweather, the match begins from the time contracts get negotiated. Floyd’s been constantly egging Cotto on, degrading him publicly and openly declaring his preemptive victory. Miguel’s been calm about it: letting it play into his favor by embracing the underdog role. It remains to be seen if Mayweather’s gotten into his head.

3. Cotto’s Confidence Has Been Found

It was in Margarito’s right eye socket all along. After getting the sweet baby Jesus pummeled out of him at the plastered hands of Antonio Margarito in 2008, Cotto’s career was going nowhere fast. That is until he returned the favor in crushing fashion last year. Now Miguel is riding the wave and walking into the ring with the conviction that he’ll be clobbering Pretty Boy Floyd.

4. Watch Cotto’s Wife

If you saw Miguel get pummeled by Pac-Man, his wife was cringing at the sight of the onslaught and ended up vacating the arena. If Floyd does what he does best, expect ejector seat part deux.

5. Defense, Defense, Defense

Mayweather has never been the most prolific attacker in his sport but credit where credit is due, I’ll be damned if he isn’t the best defender to ever lace up Everlast gloves. His bob-and-weave is immaculate and his ability to turn defense into offense with a lighting-fast counter punch is simply unmatchable. He’ll be sticking to his guns and protecting himself with the expectation that Cotto will punch himself right out of the match.

6. Literally, Cotto’s Got The Heavy Hand

Light Middleweight has been Cotto’s comfortable range for the last couple years. However, with the exception of one fight in ’07, Mayweather hasn’t boxed heavier than Welterweight. For that matter, Floyd hasn’t really fought in two years. The only time he left the strip club since his bout with Mosley was a brief pit stop to pimp-slap Victor Ortiz. However Mayweather will be trying to defend his title in the weight class that’s most foreign to him. If there ever was a chink his iron curtain-like protection, it’s now.

7. Jim Lampley Bang Counter

Before you say pause, I’m talking about the HBO ring commentator’s excessive use of the word when big punches land. The over/under for for Lampley on fight night? My guess goes at 35.

8. The Fight Goes The Distance

Floyd’s lockdown defense won’t allow Cotto to get proper power punches to connect. Although effective, blow-for-blow exchanges will be scarce and wear down tactics will endure until the final bell.

9. The Tins Championship Drought Will Continue

It’s no secret that every last one of ole man Tinsley’s favorite teams/athletes have been running into brick walls since the day Jordan hung up his sneakers for good. And partially based on earlier points, but more so on this fact, I’m calling a Cotto upset: split decision. It’s the curse of J. Tinsley and not even Floyd Mayweather is immune to it. You heard it here first. RMF!

10. Win Or Lose, Someone’s Going To Ask Floyd About Manny

This is a certainty. Mayweather’s response depends on the result. He wins and the Manny smack resumes. He loses, he’ll actually be speechless and curse off Max Kellerman out the ring.

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