R.I.P.: McDonald’s Is Deading The Dollar Menu

10.22.13 4 years ago 54 Comments

mcdonalds dollar menu

You like nice things, right? Because McDonald’s doesn’t want you to have them. That is, if you consider “nice things” to be “lots of variety in what you can order for one dollar, in the way that you’ve grown accustomed over the last several years.” Ad Age reports that the dollar menu as we know it is going the way of Elvis in about two weeks.

In its place will be the brand new, totally different “Dollar Menu And More,” which includes your favorites, and probably some more expensive options. Because, why pay $1 for a cheeseburger, like a peasant, when you can buy a double-cheeseburger for $2 and live like a king?

Spotted: Gawker

Photo: McD’s

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