Meek Mill Takes Drake’s “0 To 100” For A Spin Through Philly

06.12.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

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Off the strength I’m in contact with you guys and girls more than 70% of my own family, I won’t lie to you. Puffy and Meek Mill’s “I Want The Love” video left a lot to be desired. The verses were fine, but the beat feels like it’s lacking a punch and why a summer anthem has a visual surrounded by snow is more than confusing.

If there is a silver lining, however, solace is found in the fact Meek’s been rapping his ass on pretty much everything lately, “Love” included. With the confirmation Dreams Worth More Than Nightmares remains a top priority comes a peace offering over Aubrey’s “0 To 100.”

Much like Drizzy, Meek splits time between the two beats, paying homage to Lil Snupe on “Catch Up.” The first half, though, is the Meek many have come to recognize.

“All my n*ggas keep heat, a lil’ piece
With a drum on that bitch, no chicken, all beef
For you f*ck ass rappers that be talking they all sweet
Last night I hit my hood with all my chains on
Two-hundred fity thou had a Husain on
A broke n*gga get it from and his pain gone
But he’ll never get it from me he get rained on
I tell ’em wear it to your funeral
Be stuntin’ while they viewing
Everybody goons ’til they send the 32 at you…”

Predictable content? Sure. But solid nonetheless.

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