Metro 2033’s Facebook Giveaway Is One Of The Few Upsides To Having Facebook

12.22.12 5 years ago

Anti-social networks are all the rage with attention whores and plain ‘ol regular whores but they’re not built for everybody. Some people can’t be bothered by folks who annoy them face to face on their internet time. Others actually barely use computers and these other newfangled devices at all: opting for a more fulfilling life full of face to face conversation.

Well, whatever group you fall in, there’s a positive side to rocking that idle Facebook account if you’re a gamer. THQ and NVIDIA got into the holiday spirit with their recent Metro 2033 giveaway on Facebook. Keep in mind they’re distributing PC codes for the game which activate on Steam. Sorry console bros, you get a lump of e-coal here. All you have to do is sign into FB, like NVIDIA’s page, fill out the form, and accept then open the Free Metro 2033 app.

I’ve only played a demo of the 2011 shooter but the action and visuals showed promise. Some will roll their eyes at the tired post-apocalyptic motif but, since the game is free.99, you could do much worse.

Resources seem limited and, with a December 24th cut off date, it’s best to act fast. I followed the directions this morning, got my code instantly and Steam recognized it just fine. Now go do the same and curate that neckbeard while you’re at it.

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