Mr. MFN eXquire – “Noble Drew Ali” x “Nightfall At The Thames” Video

05.11.13 4 years ago

You hear people talk about not giving a f*ck. For many it’s just a Twitter meme. For others it’s a way of life. Irreverent Brooklyn MC Mr. MFN eXquire doesn’t give a fuck about anything except rapping well, on “Noble Drew Ali.”

He doesn’t care about your dress code (“nine chains on my neck, you can weigh my pain”). He doesn’t care about pause/no homo (“whup a nigga naked in the club, and laugh at his dick”). He doesn’t care about his forebears (“cut from the same cloth as my uncles, but a different texture”). It’s refreshing. As he rattles off a hodgepodge of cinematic imagery spliced with documentary realness, the murky, multi-layered beat, plays like a saxophonist on a distant street corner as a murder occurs mere blocks away.

As a bonus, Ex gives an acapella performance of “Noble Drew Ali” before segueing into the video for “Nightfall At The Thames,” which finds a welcome newcomer joining him on screen, but his temperament and lyrics remaining focused and inspired.

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