New Neck, Same Peyton

01.12.13 5 years ago 43 Comments

Let the Tebow trolling begin. The Broncos lost their first playoff game in overtime. That’s not what happened last year! For pure Peyton Manning schadenfreude sake, there is no better ending than this. It hits on every Peyton hater point.

Denver had this wrapped up. Then the secondary that had been torched all day gave up on one more deep ball and there was overtime. Then there was another overtime, and with it, another in a series of memorable postseason Peyton Manning f*ckups. Pey-Pey might have been mostly effective today. Were not for his defense, he would have won. But that’s the throw that will be shown time and time again. Is it fair to his effort today? Probably not. Is it fair for the way Peyton is given credit for things that might not be his doing? Well, then yes.

Jacoby Jones tried to lose this for Baltimore. He had an unforgivable drop. Then the ball found him behind a lax coverage with less than a minute left. Does that count as redemption? As far as results dictate perception, sure. But that’s more Denver’s derp than Jones’ heroics.

Ray Lewis almost sent himself into retirement by whiffing on a go-ahead touchdown catch and run by Demaryius Thomas. He will live to dance another day. That means another week of CBS pulling slo-mo on all of his tackles on running backs six yards beyond the line of scrimmage. That’s just the price we pay for Pey-Pey humiliation.

Baltimore also hadn’t allowed a special teams TD during the regular season, but gave up two today. It seemed so much like every Ravens playoff loss from the last few years: a solid effort that was undermined in some way, somehow. Only this time, the Ravens were the beneficiaries of someone else’s massive meltdown. I’m sure that feels good. Still, unless they win next week in either Houston or New England, it means little in the long run.

I would argue this was easily the game of the year, though the officiating was downright horrendous, Should be noted that itt was fairly evenly horrendous to both teams, so any and all gripes from fans of either side can be summarily dismissed.

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