Nick Fairley Says The Lions Are Going To The Super Bowl

05.09.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Every year, there’s at least one player willing to make a reckless proclamation that his team is going to rebound from mediocrity to either win the Super Bowl, make it to the Super Bowl or even just make the playoffs. Last year, it was Panthers center Ryan Kalil who put out a guarantee in a newspaper ad that his team would win the Super Bowl in the 2012 season. In case you missed it, his team fell just short of fulfilling his promise.

This year, we have Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley stepping up to the plate with a vow that the Lions, fresh off a 4-12 season, are Super Bowl bound.

“I expect big things,” he said. “I am going to say we are going to the Super Bowl because I am competitive and that is what I want for the team and it is one of the goals. I am sure we are going to take it game by game and day by day.”

Things can change wildly from year to year, but safe to say the Lions are a definite long shot, especially since it didn’t seem like Detroit did much to improve its porous secondary in the off-season. Also, Matt Stafford. But it’s certainly no more ridiculous than Geno Smith’s proclamation at the draft that the Jets are a playoff team.

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