Raiders-Broncos MNF Live Blog, Second Half

09.23.13 4 years ago 425 Comments


So this game has played out almost exactly as predicted, so it’s the small things we have to appreciate. For example, this drop by Mychal Rivera early in the first quarter. It’s almost like his body rejected doing something well. That’s the Raider mystique, my friends.

Oakland started the game with the three and out. Denver responded with a touchdown drive that looked waaaayyy too easy. Meanwhile, the Raiders didn’t get a first down until there were 40 seconds left in the first quarter. On the Raiders second drive, they appeared to get a first, but were called for offensive pass interference. Pushed back to 3rd and 17, the drop you see above occurred and the pattern for the night was set.

The Broncos added another field goal and a Wes Welker touchdown until the Raiders broke through with a long touchdown pass to Denarius Moore that could not ever be replicated. The main takeaways from the first half is that Charles Woodson should retire and soon to be expecting dad Eric Decker was determined to troll fantasy owners who already gave up on him. Decker has almost doubled his yardage for the year and has a touchdown. What a jerk.

On the plus side, I think we found the grown-up version of the “I like turtles” kid.


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