Ratatat – “Drugs” x “Bare Feast”

05.11.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

Ever get that feeling where you’re trying to explain something, you can’t get it right and it becomes so overwhelming you just clinch your fists and give up? Well, that’s almost where I’m at in regards to these two new Ratatat records from their upcoming album, LP4.

They’re just too much to handle.

For one, the New York-based duo happen to be playing at least 30 instruments between “Bare Feast” and “Drugs.” And they’re all perfect, mind-boggling compliments to each other. They’re so well put together, Bob Vila was the engineer and Frank Lloyd Wright oversaw the recording session. And, the Dos Equis guy just sat in the studio; soaking up the living, breathing soundscapes of rock and hip-hop concoctions that could fit in from Egypt to Iceland and anywhere in between.

But, that’s still not doing them justice. No words could, really. That’s why you listen & enjoy first. Then, pre-order before LP4 drops June 8.

Just take our word for it.

Ratatat – “Bare Feast”

Ratatat – “Drugs”

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