Yeah, Let’s Just Leave Ray Allen Open

04.18.11 7 years ago 27 Comments

We’re not even going to talk about how the Knicks all but forgot Amar’e Stoudamire was on the court after he single handedly kept them in the game that last quarter.

There is a science to the NBA playoffs, especially when a team opens a series on the road. If there is a chance to steal Game 1, you do everything in your power to do so. Heading into the second season, the sexy pick for an upset in many people’s minds were the Knicks upending the Boston Celtics who drunkenly stumbled into the playoffs. Was it really the beginning of the end for Beantown or was it another case of possum? The answer is still up for debate after the opening game, but one thing is for sure, Ray Allen is still government tested and big game approved.

I missed all of the games yesterday due driving back from a weekend road trip to Atlanta. Naturally, I kept abreast with the happenings thanks to Twitter and all hell broke loose during this specific contest. The Knicks were up by 12 at the half only to have that exhilaration turn into depression as the men in green clawed their way back. Hearing Jesus Shuttlesworth hit the eventual game winning three was no real surprise. I didn’t know Carmelo Anthony and Tony Douglas had brain farts on the pick and roll though. They both stayed with Paul Pierce (who drew a controversial offensive foul moments earlier) and by the time Douglas realized what was going on, Ray was already elevating. That split second non-decision cost them the game and revitalized Boston’s confidence.

Pick and roll defense, ladies and gents. It can kill you if you’re not careful. And to make matters worse, Chauncey Billups’ status for Game 2 does not look promising.

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