‘This Week In Hype’ Podcast: The David D Edition

01.26.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

The “blogosphere” has become a contentious place these days with most sites and writers lobbing insults at each other every fortnight or so. Luckily we at TSS do a decent job of getting along with people, notably the good folks at DJ Booth and Refined Hype (two of my favorite e-stops). So it was an absolute honor to be a part of RH’s latest edition of “The Week In Hype.”

The homie Nathan and I discuss why I gave up on a certain Freshman gimmick, a guy named Loopy and pitched Mighty Ducks 7 starring Chief Keef, Lil Mouse and Kel from Goodburger. Fun was had and most importantly you guys get to make jokes about how awkward I am when not hiding behind a keyboard.

All in all, this podcasting thing was pretty fun. Maybe we should get our own little thing going here. Whattaya think?

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