Republicans Congratulate Everyone But Obama…Again

10.21.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

As a journalist my job is to objectively report news in a digestible, intelligent manner. Because I have this obligation, I haven’t been doing much political writing as all I can muster these days is “motherf*ck these motherf*ckin’ Republicans.”

Digestible? Check. Intelligent? Meh.

From what I can tell, Republicans have a two-pronged approach to politics during the Obama administration: keep the rich tax-free and make President Obama’s life a living Hell. Granted, Obama and his Democrats have been as soft as soggy Charmin when placed against sh*tty A-holes in the GOP.

But, if you want a video example of how deep the pettiness goes, look at this video courtesy of the good folks at The Daily Show. Republicans thank EVERYONE except Obama for the murder of Libya’s former ruler, Muammar Qaddafi. They thank the British, the French, El Nino, Justin Bieber and the release of Arkham City before giving Obama any credit. I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is a minor issue, but it only speaks to the greater uphill battle Obama has faced over the last three years.

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