Roger Goodell on Richard Sherman: “He is extremely well-spoken.”

01.24.14 4 years ago 26 Comments


Everyones been talking about Richard Shermen this week, including me. I called him a thug and filed a police report and everything. I sure thought I was being tolerent and accepting. Well I have to admit when Im wrong and it took Commisioner Roger Goodell to really open my eyes. The Commish went on Good Morning America yesterday to give his Richard Sherman take on the outburst, but suprisingly came to Shermen’s defense saying, “he’s a great young man, he’s extremely well spoken.” After hearing Goodell gush about him I was forced to reconsider.

If Goodell can think that Shermen is a thoughtful publicly presentable individual maybe its time for us a society to agree.

Richard Sherman was born and raised in Compton, Californa. Thats right thats the hometown of NWA except with Shermen I guess the “A” didnt stand for “attitude” it stood for “articulate.” It was clear from the get-go that Shermen wasnt like those other types of people you think about from Compton. He was so good in school (admittedly lower standards probably) they didnt call him “Easy E” they called him “Easy A.” In fact this suprisingly polite young man got a scholarship to Stanford. Yes hes a football player, but you have to actually be somewhat intelligent to get into school there unlike say LSU or Florida A &M. Shermen, for some reason, reminds me of another Stanford person who also takes you by suprise with there eloquence- Condoleeza Rice. I bet the first time Commisoner Goodell met Richard Shermen he thought” here we go again” with those dredlocks. Its a common fact that 47% of NFL players will never ever have any thing good to say about Roger Goodell, its the other 53% he has to worry about, and not in a racist way, but you have to admit at first glance at Shermen, Goodell probably dont know which to clutch tighter- his pearls or his pocketbook.

Looks in some cases can be descieving, and Im starting to come around now and see that his postgame interview was mearly a condition of his honestly probably never having seen a microphone or had anyone tell him proper decorum and how to act around such a beautiful pretty fragile woman like Erin Andrews. Its not his fault, and Commish is right we should feel pity for Sherman. He almost couldnt help his urges and thats understandable. What we shouldnt forget about Shermen though is despite the dredlocks and hoodie that hes been known to wear, hes actually a very bright young fellow who believe it or not has made a great impression on his owner. You see alot of these “thugs” in the NFL but Shermens one of the good ones. He seems like a fella whod pull his pants up before shaking your hand if you let him, rather then a guy whod pull his pants down before meeting your daughter.

All in all seems like a outstanding outstanding youngster who knows his role on that defense and in life usualy. Some times people mess up but Im just thanksful that Shermens error was in forgetting his sportsmanship- something that should of been taught to him by I assume his youth football coach if I recall correctly who probably adopted him and taught him what a family was. All in all better to be thanksful his mistake was in rapping into a camera in stead of slipping back into hanging out with an old friend or something.

Shermen owes Goodell his career for standing up for him and pointing out that he is actualy a clean, thoughtfull boy who usually just speaks so well and is just a all around treat of a suprisingly good conversationlist. Given his sordid past (I assume) we as a society have to be willing to over look it if he slips up and basically kidnaps a pretty young reporter after a game or steals his bosses car or something. Although racism might be dead its time that we follow in the Commishes lead and allow Shermen a benefit of the doubt. He comes from a good family and has that great smile- we’ve earned the right to allow him to deserve another chance In My Opinion.

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