Spermbot Wants To Sit In On The Meeting

08.03.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

Hiroshi Ishiguro (above, right) has found another way to creep the hell out of all of us.  He’s the same Japanese roboticist who build a replica of himself, called Now he’s turning it up to 11 with the Telenoid R1, a sperm-shaped, legless creeper with stumps for arms, skin made of white rubber and nightmares, and a realistic, but androgynous/ageless face.

What’s the point of all that?  To eat your soul allow somebody to sit in front of a webcam with FaceAPI software and have the spermbot (at another location) mimic their facial movements and twitch its little stumps, to create the illusion that the person is in the room.  This would be very convincing if the person sitting at the webcam were a bald, androgynous, young, albino quadruple amputee.  And if you find a bald, androgynous, young, albino quadruple amputee on a webcam, let me know, ’cause I know somebody (NOT ME) who is interested.

In all the robot measures 80cm (31″), weighs 5kg (11 lbs), and is able to move its eyes, open its mouth, tilt its head both horizontally and vertically, and wriggle its stubby limbs (9 actuators).  Its ghoulish design is a reflection of its purpose, which is to establish presence with minimal expressiveness and movement.  […]  It is argued that the Telenoid’s simplistic features could allow multiple users (male or female, of any age) to control the robot. [PlasticPals]

They’re planning on selling these for $35,000 later this year, along with a cheaper version (Telenoid P1) for $8,000.  How much would it cost to make me forget ever seeing the pictures and videos below?  Without dying of alcohol poisoning, I mean.

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