Steelers-Titans Live Blog, First Half

10.11.12 5 years ago 823 Comments

The uneasy relationship between Boss Todd and THE BEN remains a topic of conversation. Or a loose strand of narrative that the media will grasp at when it needs an easy storyline. Either way, teasing an interview that will be broadcast during the pregame between Kurt Warner and Roethlisberger, reported that THE BEN said the two have found a middle ground even though both can be stubborn and prone to their own respective horrible habits. THE BEN is to be rewarded with three Choco Tacos for being diplomatic with the press.

For however much you dislike Roethlisberger, and it’s probably a lot, he’s actually off to a fairly remarkable start. The Steelers’ run game that Haley was brought in to revamp has been total sh*t. Still, the Steelers lead the NFL in 3rd down conversions mostly because THE BEN has been so good at picking up 3rd and longs after the run game fails to get anything on the first two downs.

Troy Polamalu and James Harrison returned on Sunday from an extended absence. Polamalu lasted almost a half before aggravating a calf injury that will keep him out tonight and possibly beyond. Harrison made it through the entire game, but the Steelers lost their other starting outside linebacker, LaMarr Woodley, to a hamstring injury, because that tandem apparently isn’t allowed to be healthy at the same time.

The Titans aren’t without considerable issues of their own. Jake Locker is still out after twice dislocating his non-throwing shoulder in the season’s first month. Matt Hasselbeck has been pretty lackluster in relief, though those two outings came against a stout Texans defense and the suddenly competent Vikings. Still, Chris Johnson made headlines this week by stating that Tennessee isn’t anywhere close to being a good team. He should know, having contributing heavily to this year’s suckitude.

However, some are calling for Cop Speed to have a decent evening. Two years ago, Pittsburgh had one of the best run defenses in NFL history. Now, because of injury and just not being as good, they’re just all right at stopping the run.

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