Video: Stephen Curry & Davidson College – “I Love Commons”

05.07.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m so damn retarded, I’m pretty sure 99% of it is because I spent four years in this circus above. Some guys from my alma mater Davidson College, along with some kid named Stephen, decided to remix “I Love College” with wonderfully awkward results.

When “I Love College” first came out, I thought Asher had a hit simply for the fact that I know at least 1700 students in North Carolina that could relate. And needless to say, the Davidson Wildcats have wholeheartedly embraced the song.

But I can’t hate. Since I graduated, I miss Commons like nobody’s business. Nobody told me that the real world doesn’t have places I can just waltz in and get a plate of Chicken Parm for free. I swear, when I first moved into my place post-graduation, I stood in the kitchen with an empty plate like “where’s Chester with my hot dog?” (pause).

Eff it “I love Commonnnnns”

Spied @ Adam’s

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