“Swords” Creates Another Useless Wii Attachment

Senior Contributor
04.30.10 4 Comments

We’re going to refrain from any obvious jokes about genitalia or objects that resemble genitalia, and trust us, that’s hard.  We’re not sure how Majesco slipped this one, from a game they’re calling “Swords”, into the Nintendo schedule.  Granted, the Wii-mote has many extensions to its length, but this one Majesco really believes is “the ultimate weapon“.

Of course, as anybody could have told Majesco, it’s how you use it, not any sort of ridiculous item you put on the tip, that guarantees enjoyment. Oh well, we’re sure they wouldn’t release it if they didn’t think it could achieve full penetration of the market.

[via CrunchGear, bad puns courtesy of a combination of overeducation and immaturity]

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