This Guy Looks Like He Ate Scott Mitchell

08.06.14 3 years ago 63 Comments

Former NFL QB and current Richie Incognito impersonator Scott Mitchell has found himself in a weight class that would make Jared Lorenzen shake his head, and as per the celebrity rules of America, MUST get booked on an embarrassing public vehicle to shed the weight, in this case: The Biggest Loser.

Most would say that Mitchell always looked like there was a fat guy hiding inside him. Mitchell would probably say that he was just trying to get into Lomas Brown’s weight class to exact his revenge because once he vanquishes Brown there will only be six more ex-teammates to fight as are the rules in SCOTT MITCHELL VS. THE WORLD!

Addendum: Heard around the KSK offices, “Well, he spent much of his career on the biggest loser so this shouldn’t be a stretch for him.”

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