This Is All Too Much

09.24.12 5 years ago 99 Comments

The outrage over the scab refs has boiled over. Granted, if any fan base was going to erupt in a wrestling crowd type cheer against the refs, it was bound to be Baltimore first. You have to imagine the league is pushing close to the point of diminishing returns with how dramatically the scab refs are ruining everything. Steve Young tells us that demand is static, if not expanding. It’s hard for me to deny that I will continue to watch. It’s part of my livelihood to do it. But for people not quite as invested, this has to be pushing it. It’s not just the calls that are affected, but all aspects of the game, from how pass coverage is done, how blocks are held. Pretty much everything. If the scabs refs departed in a week or two, the best case scenario at this point, how much would you weigh a win or a loss in the first month compared to what happened the rest of the year. There would be some distinction, even if not one recognized by the NFL.

I know Cris Collinsworth wants to tell us what retro ’70s fun this situation is. True, I’ve admitted to enjoying some of the chaos of the scab refs, but to keep this charade going for, what, another month? The rest of the season? Some jokes are better kept as abstract ideas.


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