Tony Romo Apparently To Blame For Basketball Turnovers As Well

06.14.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

Tony Romo told the media this week that they don’t matter. Not to the Cowboys, not to him, not to anybody but a bunch of bored fanboys who need narrative to round out their fandom. While that’s all almost certainly true, it just means the media will be extra tempted to further the “Romo is the king of meltdowns and costly turnovers” meme. And so it was Thursday night that the NFL on Fox’s Twitter feed tossed out this troll joke about the Spurs committing 18 turnovers in a losing effort in Game 4 of the NBA Finals just because Tony Romo was in the home crowd in San Antonio.

That’s not fair. You can’t blame Romo for miscues in a championship. Everyone knows he can’t get that far.

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