Hopsin – “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4” Video (Tyler, The Creator Diss)

07.18.11 6 years ago 57 Comments

What can you say to this? Based on their paths, artistic caricatures and regional proximity, Hopsin and Tyler, The Creator butting heads was bound to happen. Cliques and talents aside, they’re essentially delivering the same product. Odd Future wasn’t even a blip on my radar last October when I was big upping Hopsin as an unknown on the rise. Obviously, things have changed a tad. The 20-year-old Goblin has somehow infiltrated an online marketplace where the Domino Theory can turn tongue-twisting, seven-letter acronyms into branding behemoths while Hospin is left standing with dust in his face and obviously feels a little slighted.

That’s where the “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4” comes into play. Fresh off an appearance alongside Bobby Ray on Tech N9ne’s recent 6s & 7s album, the white-eyed Cali spitter delivers this self-directed/produced music video that not only throws very blatant jabs at Tyler, but actually takes it back to the Death Row days, where disses involved costumes. However, instead of calling AJ Johnson for the roll, Hop himself plays The Creator, complete with handfuls of bugs and over-sized, fake ears. The point is obvious: “I been told you aggin’s I’m real, If no one’s confronted you on your bullshit, then I will.”

Validity aside, at this point, would responding be to Tyler’s benefit?

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