XVRHLDY – “Chrome” Video

11.26.13 4 years ago

XVRHLDY - Chrome Video

From the outside looking in, everyone’s come to know the gun violence overflowing in Chicago’s urban areas. But it takes one of the city’s own, XVRHLDY (pronounced Xavier Holliday, his government name), to properly put into words what’s going on in the Windy City streets with his new song, “Chrome.”

Directed by Scheme Engine, the accompanying visuals look to drive home the fact that Chicago’s younger generations full realize the darkness that envelopes their lives, captured in Holliday’s lines “Let me take you to a place where the metal makes it rain and the bullets seldom have a name.” Speaking on the song’s impetus, XVR gave a concise explanation, one that originated close to home for him:

“Most of what you hear about Chicago right now is from an outsider’s perspective, especially in the media, so with the song and video, I wanted to illuminate what we deal with living and coming from the city. My cousin died around the time I recorded the song and most of my friends have dealt with a similar loss of life and innocence.”

Of course, one song and video by one artist won’t do much to curb the gunfire. But for everything news reports leave out about the victims, their assailants and those around them, the game needs XVRHLDY and more songs like “Chrome” to intelligently convey what the Chi is like from the inside.

Stay tuned for XVRHLDY’s debut EP Need To Know, dropping in early December.

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