The Year Without The Jills

04.24.14 4 years ago 26 Comments

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In the wake of a lawsuit filed by five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders for failure to be paid minimum wage for hours that also detailed, among other things, that the team subjected the squad to “jiggle tests” and instructed cheerleaders specifically how to wash their vagina, the Jills squad has announced they won’t be leading any cheers for the 2014 season.

Stephanie Mateczun, whose company manages the Buffalo Jills cheerleading squad, said Thursday she has suspended operations through at least the end of the season. The decision was made two days after five former Jills filed a lawsuit complaining they worked hundreds of hours for free, and were subjected to groping and sexual comments.

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing the former cheerleaders who brought suit doesn’t seem thrilled by the development.

The Bills have been made aware of the Jills’ decision to suspend operations, but otherwise declined comment.

Lawyer Frank Dolce, who represents the five cheerleaders, said the decision to suspend operations won’t affect his case because it addresses past complaints.

Dolce, however, did question Mateczun’s motives, saying her decision to suspend the squad was unnecessary.

“If they cease operations, they will blame the lawsuit for the destruction of the Jills, when that was not intended at all,” Dolce said, noting there is not much money at stake in the lawsuit.

All in all, it’s been a rough off-season for everything to do with the Bills beyond what takes place on the field. The team’s owner died. The most beloved player in the team’s history has an ongoing battle with cancer. And now the team’s cheerleading squad has disbanded for at least a year because of alleged bad labor practices by the team. Yup, that’s all very Bills.

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