You May Now Stare At Rex Ryan Anytime You Like

05.26.11 6 years ago 39 Comments

Horrid media tour appearances notwithstanding, Rex Ryan seems to be doing well with his new book. It’s holding its own on Amazon and is getting generally positive reviews. I won’t be able to enjoy it until the Japanese version comes out, then my masseuse can read it to me. Kiko gets so confused with all of the football jargon, but she really makes a go of it. Askews pleese. Wat ees kawterback? She tries so hard.

Anyway, there’s an anecdote in the book about Ryan’s arrival at the Jets’ practice facility in 2009, and I should just let the Examiner take it from here:

“The head coach’s office in the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center has this floor to ceiling window that looks out over the rest of the offices and cubicles. But when I arrived, the windows were all painted over.

I believe the people working there, the assistant coaches, the players, everybody should be able to look in and see the head coach; but for whatever reason, Mangini had them covered. I don’t know exactly why because I never asked him. I want my players and coaches to know they are welcome to come up to me at any time. I want them to see me and feel comfortable. Not only is the door open, the windows are open. I’m an open book for those guys.”

The windows are open, which also means that Ryan can see his players and assistants as well. No jelly donut is safe in the Jets’ facility now. Img.

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