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WWE Legend Jake The Snake Roberts Has Been Hospitalized In Las Vegas

By | 24 Comments

Jake The Snake Roberts is reported to have been unconscious in a Las Vegas hospital since yesterday, and the prognosis could be grim.


The VMAs Will Feature A Public Service Announcement Addressing The Ferguson Protests

By | 9 Comments

The MTV awards show is planning a 15 second video addressing the conflict taking place in Missouri.

Michael Brown Shooting

An Online Fundraiser Raised Nearly $235K In Support Of Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson

By | 63 Comments

The split between supporters of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown is evident, but isn't really helping anyone find justice.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s Pot Smoking Son Now Has A Viral Video Game Inspired By His Arrest


A viral online game has popped up following the arrest of Jackie Chan's son Jaycee, making light of his drug bust.

#MTV VMAs 2014

Suge Knight Was Shot Several Times While Attending Chris Brown’s VMA Party Last Night

By | 50 Comments

A Saturday night pre-VMA event turns violent for several, including Suge Knight.


A Strong Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hit The Northern San Francisco Bay Area

By | 8 Comments

A strong earthquake shook the northern San Francisco Bay Area, causing damage and rattling nerves early this morning.


The U.S. Copyright Office Has Ruled That Photos Taken By Animals Cannot Be Copyrighted

By | 4 Comments

The U.S. Copyright Office has changed its rules on copyright regarding works created by animals, plants, and other supernatural beings.


The Police Report From The War Machine/Christy Mack Incident Is As Horrifying As You’d Expect

By | 79 Comments

A police report has been released for the War Machine/Christy Mack incident, and the details are as graphic and horrifying as you'd expect.


War Is Over: War Machine Has Been Captured And Arrested In California

By | 97 Comments

War Machine has been captured and arrested in California for the brutal beating of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. No, Dog wasn't there.


Ferguson, Missouri Continues To Look Like A War Zone

By | 33 Comments

A fifth night of demonstrations in Ferguson, MIssouri yield more violence and no answers for the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.


Historians Have Found Human Teeth In A 300-Year-Old Statue Of Jesus Christ

By | 5 Comments

Historians made an odd discovery in an 18th century statue of Christ: Human teeth.


The Most Disgusting Allegations Made About Michael Jackson By His Former Maids

By | 73 Comments

Michael Jackson lived in squalid conditions on his Neverland Ranch, and even hoarded poop.

drunk drivers

The Rock’s Mother And Cousin Were Hit Head-On By A Drunk Driver This Week

By | 12 Comments

The Rock revealed via social media this weekend that his mother and cousin had been involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Chicken Thief Felt So Guilty That She Sent An Apology Note To Kentucky Fried Chicken With Cash

By | 4 Comments

The owner of a Nebraska KFC got a nice apology note from a guilt ridden customer who took more chicken than she needed.


These Juggalos Tried to Cut And Burn Their Roommate’s Tattoo Off Because He Hadn’t ‘Earned It’

By | 14 Comments

We assure you the reason these Juggalos tried to burn their roommate's tattoo off was perfectly logical.


Watch Harry Shearer Recreate Richard Nixon’s Resignation Speech On The 40th Anniversary

By | 9 Comments

Harry Shearer released a scene from his Richard Nixon series for the 40th anniversary of the controversial president's resignation.

James Brady

Former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady’s Death Ruled A Homicide 33 Years After Shooting

By | 13 Comments

Former White House press secretary James Brady's death has been ruled the result of the attempted Reagan assassination 33 years ago.

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