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Thanks To This New U.S. Map, You Can Pick Where You Want To Live Based On Noise

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The U.S. is a loud place, but not everywhere. Where are the quieter spots? A new map has the answer.


Police Say A Homeless Man Broke Into A Georgia Funeral Home And Had Sex With A Corpse

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Domonique Smith originally wanted to steal a bike, but ended up doing WAY more than that.


RIP CBS News Correspondent Bob Simon, 1941-2015

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CBS news' Bob Simon has passed away at the age of 73 following a sudden car accident.

Police Chases

Watch This Unbelievable LA Car Chase That Plays Out Like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ In Real Life

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This wild car chase involved two carjackings, a high speed pursuit, and an armed suspect that was brazen until the end.


This Ginormous Baby Is One Of The Biggest Ever Born In Florida

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At 14.1 pounds, Avery Ford is one of the heaviest babies ever born in Florida. He also set the hospital's record.

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A Study Shows That Treadmill Desks Might Make You Smarter And Pay Better Attention At Work

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According to a new Canadian study, test subjects retained more information and were more attentive when working at a treadmill desk.


The Noose Used To Hang Saddam Hussein Is Now Up For Sale To The Highest Bidder

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For the man who has everything, here's the rope used in the execution of the former Iraqi ruler is now up for auction.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Survived A Fatal Car Crash Earlier Today In Malibu

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However, another individual not identified by the police was killed in the three-car accident.

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Brian Williams Will Take A Brief Hiatus From NBC Nightly News

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Amid allegations of fabricated stories, Brian Williams has decided to take a brief hiatus from NBC Nightly News.

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Three Women Sparked A Prison Break After Seducing Guards With A ‘Massive Orgy’

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Three prison guards are facing charges after being seduced and drugged by three women, leading to a massive prison break in Brazil.

Poop Gangsta

Police In Ohio Have Arrested A Man Known As ‘Poop Gangsta’ For Allegedly Shooting A Man Christmas Eve

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The details behind the crime are forgotten as soon as you discover police have arrested a man named 'Poop Gangsta.'

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Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Found Unresponsive In Bathtub

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Bobbi Kristina transported to hospital after being found unresponsive in bathtub


Meet The Florida Man Who Dropped Everything To Travel To Syria And Battle ISIS

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Dean Parker was just your normal Floridian, surfing in West Palm Beach. That was until he decided to travel and join the fight against ISIS.

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Here’s Frightening Dashcam Footage From The Deadly Shelling In Mariupol, Ukraine

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This dashcam footage captures the moments when Pro-Russian rebels reportedly began shelling the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.


Miss Israel Took A Selfie Next To Miss Lebanon And Possibly Caused An International Incident

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Is this photo of Miss Universe contestants from Israel and Lebanon going to cause trouble between nations?


Two Former Wrestlers Are Suing WWE Over Concussions (If They Can Remember What Happened)

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Two former WWE wrestlers are suing the company over concussions and severe neurological damage. Spoiler alert, one of them wore a dress.


Fox Business Forgot A Very Important Detail In Their Super Bowl Report

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They do realize the Super Bowl isn't held in the same place every year, right? Right?

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John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Antics Just Inspired A Groundbreaking Bill In Washington State

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Comedian and political satirist John Oliver has inspired a bill that is being introduced into Washington State Senate today.


The Supreme Court Announced That They Will Rule On Same Sex Marriage And The Internet Is Excited

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Celebrities and advocates alike seem hopeful that SCOTUS will bring an end to the same sex marriage debate with their upcoming ruling.

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