Donald Trump Jr. Believes That His Father’s Presidency Is Hurting Their Family’s Profits

02.21.18 2 mins ago

A Suspect Led Police On A Wild Los Angeles Chase That Ended In A Subway Tunnel

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Florida School Shooting Survivors Carly Novell And Delaney Tarr Talk Sensible Gun Reform With Jordan Klepper

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American Evangelist Billy Graham Is Dead At 99

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A Shocking Report Alleges Abuses Within The Dallas Mavericks’ Front Office: ‘It Was A Real Life Animal House’

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Stephen Colbert Pays Stirring Tribute To The Teen Survivors Of The Florida School Shooting

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Florida Lawmakers Declared Porn A Health Risk On The Same Day They Blocked An Assault-Rifle Ban Vote

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A Maryland Teen Who Was Arrested For Bringing A Gun To School Had A Cache Of Weapons At Home

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Trump Has Directed The Justice Department To Ban Gun Modification Devices Like Bump Stocks

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Florida Lawmakers Have Rejected A Motion To Consider An Assault-Rifle Ban

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George And Amal Clooney Will March With Florida Shooting Survivors After Donating $500,000 To Their Cause

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Nikki Haley ‘Will Not Shut Up’ Over Criticism For Moving The U.S. Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem

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Watch A Gun Owner Destroy His Own AR-15 To Ensure No Children Are Ever Killed With It

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The U.S. Army Has Awarded ROTC Heroism Medals To Three Students Killed In The Florida School Shooting

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An Oscar-Nominated Producer Won’t Attend The Ceremony After His Visa Was Denied

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Donald Trump Jr. Places His Foot Squarely In His Mouth While Praising India’s ‘Poorest’

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The Supreme Court Has Declined To Hear Two Appeals From Gun-Rights Advocates

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How Teen-Led Protests Will Forever Change The Gun Control Fight

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