Trump Claims His Obamacare Replacement Will Be ‘Insurance For Everybody,’ But Doesn’t Offer Much Detail

01.15.17 10 hours ago 7 Comments

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis ‘Would Not Invite’ Donald Trump To Visit Selma With Him

01.15.17 16 hours ago 3 Comments

Scotland’s ‘Sunday Herald’ Treats The Trump Inauguration As A ‘Twilight Zone’ Revival In The TV Listings

01.15.17 16 hours ago

Trump Is No Longer Expected To Visit The New African American History Museum On MLK Day

01.15.17 18 hours ago 11 Comments

Pete Davidson Makes A Glorious Return To ‘Weekend Update’ To Give His Impressions Of Trump’s Cabinet

01.15.17 22 hours ago

Martin Shkreli Reportedly Got Pelted With Dog Poop When He Showed Up At An Event With Troll Bestie Milo Yiannopoulos

01.15.17 23 hours ago 9 Comments

Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus Is Shutting Down After 146 Years

01.15.17 1 day ago 13 Comments

Mark Hamill’s Joker Returns To Inject Trump’s Meryl Streep Criticism With A Villainous Tone

01.14.17 1 day ago

Report: Trump’s First Foreign Trip As President Will Be To Meet With Putin

01.14.17 1 day ago 9 Comments

President Barack Obama Offers His Thanks To You In His Final Weekly Address

01.14.17 2 days ago

Jennifer Holliday Has Cancelled Her Trump Inauguration Performance Over Criticism

01.14.17 2 days ago 10 Comments

The Spy Who Compiled The ‘Golden Showers’ Memo Says He Was Floored By The ‘Hair-Raising’ Stuff He Discovered About Trump

01.14.17 2 days ago 3 Comments

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Offers A Striking Defense Of Net Neutrality In Light Of Its Uncertain Future

01.14.17 2 days ago

Trump Kicks Off MLK Day Weekend By Trashing Civil Rights Icon John Lewis On Twitter

01.14.17 2 days ago 34 Comments

Steve Harvey Met With Trump To Discuss Housing And Some People Are Not Happy About It

01.14.17 2 days ago 41 Comments

The Senate Intelligence Committee Will Probe Whether Or Not Links Exist Between Russia And Trump’s Campaign

01.13.17 2 days ago 11 Comments

A National ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Has Been Put Before The House Of Representatives

01.13.17 2 days ago 14 Comments

The Three Police Officers Involved In The Shooting Death Of Tamir Rice Will Face Administrative Charges

01.13.17 3 days ago