Meet The Florida Man Who Dropped Everything To Travel To Syria And Battle ISIS

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Dean Parker was just your normal Floridian, surfing in West Palm Beach. That was until he decided to travel and join the fight against ISIS.

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Here’s Frightening Dashcam Footage From The Deadly Shelling In Mariupol, Ukraine

By | 9 Comments

This dashcam footage captures the moments when Pro-Russian rebels reportedly began shelling the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.


Miss Israel Took A Selfie Next To Miss Lebanon And Possibly Caused An International Incident

By | 23 Comments

Is this photo of Miss Universe contestants from Israel and Lebanon going to cause trouble between nations?


Two Former Wrestlers Are Suing WWE Over Concussions (If They Can Remember What Happened)

By | 7 Comments

Two former WWE wrestlers are suing the company over concussions and severe neurological damage. Spoiler alert, one of them wore a dress.


Fox Business Forgot A Very Important Detail In Their Super Bowl Report

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They do realize the Super Bowl isn't held in the same place every year, right? Right?

#John Oliver

John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Antics Just Inspired A Groundbreaking Bill In Washington State

By | 21 Comments

Comedian and political satirist John Oliver has inspired a bill that is being introduced into Washington State Senate today.


The Supreme Court Announced That They Will Rule On Same Sex Marriage And The Internet Is Excited

By | 18 Comments

Celebrities and advocates alike seem hopeful that SCOTUS will bring an end to the same sex marriage debate with their upcoming ruling.

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All Of Pawnee Will Be Coming Back Together At The End Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ According To Michael Schur

By | 7 Comments

Showrunner Mike Schur and others revealed "Everyone is there at the end" of the series finale.


Here’s Why NBC Finally Canceled Its Deal With Bill Cosby

By | 14 Comments

Network head Bob Greenblatt explained why NBC decided to back out on its plans for a new Cosby sitcom.

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An Alabama School Principal Is Collecting Canned Food For Students To Use As Self Defense

By | 19 Comments

A middle school principal in Alabama is tossing around a crazy idea for student self defense: throwing canned goods at attackers.


Chipotle Removed Pork From Their Menu Temporarily, So Naturally People Blamed Muslims

By | 10 Comments

Chipotle removed pork from some of their menus after discovering subpar meat prep, but folks online know the real culprit: Muslims.


Meet The Former MIT Professor That Allegedly Robbed A Manhattan Bank For ‘Art’

By | 3 Comments

A former MIT professor and "visual artist," has been charged with robbery after allegedly stealing $1,000 from a New York bank "for art."


A Group Of 4th Graders Allegedly Plotted To Kill Their Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

By | 11 Comments

Knowing their teacher was highly allergic to hand sanitizer, the students supposedly planned to put sanitizer on their teacher's belongings.

george zimmerman

While You Were Sleeping, George Zimmerman Was Arrested Again In Florida

By | 33 Comments

George Zimmerman was arrested in Florida on charges of domestic violence.

United Airlines

United Reportedly Fired 13 Flight Attendants For Refusing To Fly Due To Ominous Graffiti On Their Plane

By | 14 Comments

United Airlines continues to show their winning attitude by allegedly firing flight attendants that were concerned for their safety.

political bias

Chris Christie Reportedly Helped His Buddy Jerry Jones Land A Port Authority Contract In 2013


If it means more awkward hugs between Jones and Christie, then we're all for it.


Oklahoma Is Attempting To Make It Illegal To Wear A Hooded Sweatshirt In Public

By | 27 Comments

This proposed amendment banning 'hoodies' could incur you a $500 fine for wearing a hooded sweatshirt in public.


The FBI Allegedly Investigated This Guy’s ‘Joke’ As A Legitimate Threat To CNN

By | 2 Comments

This guy decided to prove a point about online sources by posing as the Guardians of Peace to play a joke...then the FBI got involved.


Oliver Stone Took A Break From His Edward Snowden Movie To Chat About Ukraine And The CIA On Facebook

By | 6 Comments

Oliver Stone is hard at work on his new Edward Snowden movie, but he's still got time for a good CIA conspiracy theory.

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