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‘SNL’ Gives Us A Peek Through The Eyes Of Donald Trump With Nightmarish Results

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Donald Trump Appoints Walter White From ‘Breaking Bad’ To Be Head Of The DEA On ‘SNL’

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Former ‘SNL’ Star Joe Piscopo Is Considering A Run For New Jersey Governor

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Bob Dylan Declares He’s In ‘Very Rare Company’ In His Nobel Prize Banquet Speech

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Donald Trump Took A Shot At The Quality Of Play During An Army-Navy Game Appearance

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A Sequel To Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Will Be Released In 2017

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Report: Donald Trump Is Tapping ExxonMobil CEO And Putin Pal Rex Tillerson To Be Secretary Of State

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Dylann Roof Laughed While Confessing To The Charleston Church Shooting In A Newly Released Video

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Said He Is Not Bothered By Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Role

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Secret CIA Report: It’s ‘Quite Clear’ That Russia Did Things To Try To Help Get Trump Elected

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Rudy Giuliani Is No Longer In The Running To Become Donald Trump’s Secretary Of State

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The Trump Transition Wants To Know Which Energy Department Employees Worked On Climate Change Policy

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Michael Flynn Thinks There Are Arabic Signs Along The US Border Telling Radicalized Muslims Where To Go

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The Megan Kelly Vs. Roger Ailes Story Is Heading To The Big Screen

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The Insane Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory Has Spread To Include Roberta’s, A Famous Brooklyn Pizzeria

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Top National Security Figures Want Trump To Cancel The Michael Flynn Clown Show

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Obama Orders U.S. Intelligence To Conduct ‘A Full Review’ Of The 2016 Election In Light Of Possible Russian Hacking

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