Marco Rubio Will Change His Vote On The GOP Tax Bill After Getting Child Tax Credit Expansion (UPDATED)

12.15.17 2 hours ago

Sean Spicer On Why Omarosa Was Hired To Work In The White House: ‘I Don’t Know’

12.15.17 2 hours ago 2 Comments

Trump Trashes The FBI Before Attending A Graduation Ceremony At The FBI National Academy

12.15.17 4 hours ago

President Trump Thinks Roy Moore ‘Should’ Concede To Doug Jones In Alabama

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Watch This Trump Judicial Nominee Fail To Answer The Most Basic Questions About Law

12.15.17 5 hours ago

Trump Has Thanked Vladimir Putin For His Praise Of ‘America’s Strong Economic Performance’

12.15.17 6 hours ago

Mario Batali Has Been Fired From ABC’s Daytime Talk Show ‘The Chew’ Following Sexual Misconduct Claims

12.15.17 7 hours ago 2 Comments

Russell Simmons Is Now Under An NYPD Investigation Due To The Rape Allegations Against Him

12.14.17 16 hours ago

Matt Damon Ruffles Feathers With His Comments On The ‘Spectrum Of Behavior’ Around Sexual Harassment

12.14.17 17 hours ago 21 Comments

Morgan Spurlock Leaves His Own Production Company Following His Sexual Misconduct Admission

12.14.17 20 hours ago 4 Comments

Dustin Hoffman Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Two Women And Exposing Himself To A Minor

12.14.17 21 hours ago 5 Comments

The Tax Bill Will Lead To More Automation, Executives Boast To Wall Street Investors

12.14.17 22 hours ago 3 Comments

The Head Of The Congressional Ethics Office, Which Oversees Assault Claims, Is Being Sued For Assault

12.14.17 22 hours ago

Marco Rubio Will Vote No On The GOP Tax Bill Unless His Child Tax Credit Is Approved

12.14.17 23 hours ago

New York State Has Filed A Lawsuit Against The FCC Over Its Net Neutrality Repeal

12.14.17 23 hours ago 5 Comments

Nikki Haley Claims The U.S. Has ‘Indisputable’ Evidence Iran Violated The U.N. Resolution Against It

12.14.17 24 hours ago

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says There’s Not ‘Any One Thing’ That Could Have Been Done To Prevent Sandy Hook

12.14.17 24 hours ago 3 Comments

The FCC Net Neutraliy Hearing Was Evacuated ‘On Advice Of Security’ Before Its Controversial Vote

12.14.17 1 day ago 2 Comments