A Single Winning Ticket Has Reportedly Been Sold For The $758.7 Million Powerball Jackpot

08.24.17 1 hour ago

A Vehicle Struck A Group Of Protestors In St. Louis Following A Vigil For A Slain Transgender Woman

08.24.17 2 hours ago 3 Comments

Report: The White House Will Issue Guidelines On A Military Transgender Ban Within Days

08.23.17 4 hours ago 9 Comments

The GOP Made A Bizarre Comparison To Tax Reform And ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ That Has Gamers Shaking Their heads

08.23.17 6 hours ago

A Federal Judge Declares An Arizona School District’s Ban On Ethnic Studies To Be Unconstitutional

08.23.17 10 hours ago 2 Comments

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin And Louise Linton Reportedly Used A Government Plane To View The Eclipse

08.23.17 10 hours ago

U.S. Rabbis Cancel Their Annual High Holiday Call With The President Over His Charlottesville Remarks

08.23.17 10 hours ago

The Trump Administration’s Science Envoy Resigned With Not-So-Secret, Coded Message For The President

08.23.17 12 hours ago 8 Comments

James Comey Will Deliver Howard University’s Convocation Address And Several Lectures On Public Policy

08.23.17 13 hours ago

A NYC GOP Mayoral Candidate Is Getting Roasted On Twitter For Calling Columbus ‘Founder Of Our Nation’

08.23.17 13 hours ago 5 Comments

Christopher Cantwell, The White Supremacist Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc, Has Gone Into Hiding

08.23.17 13 hours ago 6 Comments

Former CIA Spy Valerie Plame Wilson Is Trying To Buy A Controlling Stake Of Twitter So She Can Ban Trump

08.23.17 14 hours ago 7 Comments

U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Are Suffering Serious Conditions, Including Brain Injury, After A ‘Sonic Attack’

08.23.17 14 hours ago 2 Comments

‘The Daily Show’ Star Jordan Klepper’s New Show ‘The Opposition’ Channels Alex Jones In Its First Trailer

08.23.17 15 hours ago 3 Comments

The U.S. Navy Removes A Vice Admiral Following Multiple Deadly Warship Collisions At Sea

08.23.17 15 hours ago

Shailene Woodley Joins The Flock Of Celebrities Who Are Contemplating A Congressional Run

08.23.17 16 hours ago 15 Comments

The ‘Blacks For Trump’ Guy Standing Behind Trump At His Phoenix Rally Has A Scary And Troubling Past

08.23.17 16 hours ago 19 Comments

Texas Seeks To Defund Planned Parenthood. If It’s Successful, Other States Could Follow.

08.23.17 17 hours ago