Killer Mike Responded To Criticism Of Bernie Sanders With Series Of Tweets

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01.21.16 9 Comments
Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Charleston, South Carolina

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Ever since Killer Mike and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down for some Atlanta soul food in November, the former has been a staunch supporter of the latter’s campaign. Their initial meeting morphed into a series of YouTube videos, and Mike later served as Sanders’ most ardent spokesperson and defender at the recent Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina. However, the rapper’s most recent dip into the political pool happened on Twitter when he defended his candidate against criticism of his stance against reparations.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, the National Book Award-winning correspondent for The Atlantic, published a column on Tuesday in which he took Sanders to task for not being in favor of reparations. The column was a direct response to Sanders’ comments at a forum in Iowa the previous week, at which he argued the “likelihood of getting [such legislation] through Congress is nil” and that “it would be very divisive.” By comparison, Coates surmises that “the chances of a president Sanders coaxing a Republican Congress to pass a $1 trillion jobs and infrastructure bill are also nil.”

On Wednesday, Mike entered the fray on Twitter and called out Coates (and, more specifically, supporters of Coates’ argument).

What followed was a lengthy tweet storm about Coates’ column and the problems Mike saw with its arguments. He was especially concerned with the writer’s apparent focus on Sanders above all other presidential candidates currently in the running, be they Democrats, Republicans or neither.

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