Ras Kass Kicks It In Karate School

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If you want to see a professional at work, take a peek into a Ras Kass recording session, as one quarter of The HRSMN invades Ski Beatz' Big-Apple-based 24 Hour Karate School to lay down a vicious verse for "I [...].

Ras Kass

Ras Kass – “Youth Blood”

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Rassy's <a href="">A.D.I.D.A.S.</a>(All Day I Dream About Spittin') project is in the way.


The Four Horseman Ride Again?

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Earlier this week, an invigorated <a href="">Kurupt</a> held a barstool press-conference with Wu-Tang-affiliated <a href="">M-Eighty</a>, announcing the reunion of the once-unfuckwitable The HRSMN clique.

The Wake Up Show

“2010 Wake Up Show Anthem”

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Over the years, <a href="">The World Famous Wake-Up Show</a> has had it's fair share of superstars grace their opening intros, which are now known simply as 'Anthems.


Ras Kass – “Center Of Attention”


<a href="">Ras</a> drops a bonus track to go into your <a href="">Quarterly</a> archives.

Young Jeezy

Everybody Wanna Rock…Right Now

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Although it didn't have the commercial fanfare like "Grindin'" or "A Milli" before it, there was no question that <a href="">Snoop Dogg's</a> "I Wanna Rock" was the track to rocked for veteran and burgeoning MCs alike.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – “Thank You” Video

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Right in time for the holidays and sharing with loved ones, <a href="">the H2O emcee</a> releases a video for "<a href="">Thank You</a>," that joint that pulled off a Golden Girls gafflin'.


Ras Kass’ The Quarterly Update 2: Miami Life

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<a href="">Ras Kass</a> checking in from Miami with a short PSA thanking you internuts for your financial support on the <a href="">Quarterly</a>.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – Quarterly

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<a href="">The H20 Proof MC</a> is back and his Quarterly project is now available featuring both new music in addition to the previously released weekly tracks.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – “Amazin'” Video

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Yeah, I've seen it spelled "Amzin'" elsewhere.


What If Lil Wayne Goes To Jail?

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So, hearing the words "The State Vs.


“Let It Out” – Review Of DJ Honda’s DJ Honda IV

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There was a time when a DJ had to prove themselves on the wheels of steel before they could even think about releasing an album.


Ras Kass – “Thank You”

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The Golden Child raps over the theme song from The Golden Girls and I haven't been so pleased since <a href="">Cam jacked Hill Street Blues</a>.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – “Amazin'”

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"Here to carry the weight now that T.

Ras Kass Weekly

Ras Kass Weekly…

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If you didn't know, Ras Kass is <a href="">back home</a>.


6.13 The Cooler

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