Ras Kass Kicks It In Karate School

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If you want to see a professional at work, take a peek into a Ras Kass recording session, as one quarter of The HRSMN invades Ski Beatz' Big-Apple-based 24 Hour Karate School to lay down a vicious verse for "I [...].

Ras Kass

Ras Kass – “Youth Blood”

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Rassy's A.D.I.D.A.S.(All Day I Dream About Spittin') project is in the way.


The Four Horseman Ride Again?

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Earlier this week, an invigorated Kurupt held a barstool press-conference with Wu-Tang-affiliated M-Eighty, announcing the reunion of the once-unfuckwitable The HRSMN clique.

The Wake Up Show

“2010 Wake Up Show Anthem”

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Over the years, The World Famous Wake-Up Show has had it's fair share of superstars grace their opening intros, which are now known simply as 'Anthems.


Ras Kass – “Center Of Attention”


Ras drops a bonus track to go into your Quarterly archives.

Young Jeezy

Everybody Wanna Rock…Right Now

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Although it didn't have the commercial fanfare like "Grindin'" or "A Milli" before it, there was no question that Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock" was the track to rocked for veteran and burgeoning MCs alike.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – “Thank You” Video

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Right in time for the holidays and sharing with loved ones, the H2O emcee releases a video for "Thank You," that joint that pulled off a Golden Girls gafflin'.


Ras Kass’ The Quarterly Update 2: Miami Life

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Ras Kass checking in from Miami with a short PSA thanking you internuts for your financial support on the Quarterly.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – Quarterly

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The H20 Proof MC is back and his Quarterly project is now available featuring both new music in addition to the previously released weekly tracks.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – “Amazin'” Video

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Yeah, I've seen it spelled "Amzin'" elsewhere.


What If Lil Wayne Goes To Jail?

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So, hearing the words "The State Vs.


“Let It Out” – Review Of DJ Honda’s DJ Honda IV

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There was a time when a DJ had to prove themselves on the wheels of steel before they could even think about releasing an album.


Ras Kass – “Thank You”

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The Golden Child raps over the theme song from The Golden Girls and I haven't been so pleased since Cam jacked Hill Street Blues.

Ras Kass Quarterly

Ras Kass – “Amazin'”

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"Here to carry the weight now that T.

Ras Kass Weekly

Ras Kass Weekly…

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If you didn't know, Ras Kass is back home.


6.13 The Cooler

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