02.28.09 9 years ago 54 Comments

You go out one Saturday afternoon, the entire earth shifts on its axis. In case you missed it, Matt Cassel was dealt to the Chefs (GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY) with Mike Vrabel for a second rounder. A two? That’s it? Holy shit, someone called in a favor. Either that, or Scott Pioli still has those surveillance photos of Belichick banging Dina Lohan with a crescent wrench. Also, the Broncos tried to get Cassel by orchestrating a three-team trade involving Jay Cutler (Cutler’s reaction: “Whatever. Fine.”). And Florio’s PFT site is suddenly under the domain of NBC Sports. I expect Matt Millen to soon be a contributor. BREAKING NEWS: Millen says Ben Roethlisberger is dead. No, wait. That was a cactus.

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