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03.10.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Investigators Suspect Flight MH370 Disintegrated In Mid-Air [Reuters]

22 Reasons Daylight Savings Time Should Be Abolished [Gothamist]

Where Have Japan’s Yakuza Gone? [Daily Beast]

Inside NYC’s Swankiest Apartment Building [NY Post]

Jackson Mourns Mayor With Militant Past Who Won Over Skeptics [NYT]

Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friend Epically Recounted Their Night At The Oscars [Uproxx]

This Infographic Shows You How to Delete Yourself from the Internet [Lifehacker]

Canelo Alvarez’s Next Fight: Top Contenders for Next Opponent [Bleacher Report]

No Shock: Wichita State Will Enter NCAA Tournament 34-0 [USA Today]

Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane: How Were Stolen Passports Used? [BBC]

For Microsoft’s Xbox One, ‘Titanfall’ Could Be Game Changer [WSJ]

Marlon Wayans And Lord Jamar Twitter Beef For Hours [The Urban Daily]

The Funniest Lil Boosie Memes After His Release From Jail [Giant]

Photographer Captures The Moment A Skydiver Collides With A Plane [CBS]

Dennis Rodman: I Won’t Go Back To North Korea, OK? [ESPN]

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