Antonio Cromartie Nearly Has His Own Starting 11

04.16.12 6 years ago 37 Comments

We all remember Antonio Cromartie struggling to name his then eight kids on “Hard Knocks”. Well, that was two years and two kids ago, so you can imagine it’s gotta be that much more difficult for the NFL’s foremost baby-making machine. One measure of progress is that his 10th and latest kid comes from his current wife, Terricka, who also happens to be a Cromartie repeat mom. That brings the present tally to an almost conservative 10 kids from eight women in six states. Stability!

Problem is, the other Cromartie moms are banding together to create a reality show that goes to the oh-so difficult lengths to portray him as a negligent monster. Cromartie would rather that not happen, as it stands to damage the chance that he could endorse Costco’s signature 30-pack of baby’s first vaccination kit.

Their baby boy, Jagger, joins sister Jurzie — and eight half-siblings from Cromartie baby mamas across the country.

But the happy occasion is mixed with turmoil. His far-flung fatherhood has intrigued a TV production company that wants to create a reality show about the clan “trying to co-exist as a modern family,” a source told The Post.

Most of the moms want to do the show, but “Cro” says no.

You’d think there would a parliament-type system where if you got a Cromartie mom supermajority that they could override his veto. Apparently not. Makes you wonder how anything gets done in that family.

The New York Post went to the effort to create an infograhic on the Cromartie brood, which I include after the jump for reference purposes, though I imagine it’ll be like a 19th century American flag where you gotta add stars every few years.

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